Our Commercial Alarm Systems Fit Every Installation Need and Budget

  • Do you need constant monitoring of your alarm system?
  • Are you worried about the cost of monitoring and management of your alarm system?
  • Do you require instant response to alarm incidents around the clock?

Are you a business owner who is tired of working with alarm companies that make big promises but always fail to deliver? Then it is time to experience the top quality alarm system monitoring that 365Alarms has to offer. When you sign up for our intruder alarm or surveillance solutions, you get quality hardware installed by a team of certified, experienced security technicians who ensure that you get professional and reliable security.

Once we put your new security system in place, you can review settings and view alerts from a security monitoring application on your computer or mobile device. We also continuously monitor your alarm system and provide regular servicing to ensure that it works as it should. Plus, we provide a managed security service, where we respond to remote alerts from your alarm system.

Lake Charles Alarm System Monitoring

What Can You Expect from Our Alarm System Monitoring Service?

We value your safety and security above everything else. This is why our top-rated alarm solutions are the first choice for many businesses and homes throughout the Lake Charles area. We do not simply fit the hardware; we also provide ongoing monitoring and service by local technicians to give you the peace of mind you, your family, and your colleagues deserve.

System Health Monitoring

As a high-tech electronic system, your alarm system requires constant monitoring to ensure that it maintains a high level of performance and achieves its expected service life. Ensuring your system’s health through constant servicing and monitoring gives you the expected Return on Investment from your security solution and lets you obtain maximum utility. Some of the system monitoring services we offer include:

  • Monitoring of settings and reprogramming when necessary
  • Backup battery checks and replacement
  • Hardware checkups

Managed Event Monitoring

When the system raises the alarm, someone needs to pay attention since it usually indicates a serious incident. However, few people have the time to monitor and respond to their alarm incidents constantly. We set up our security alarm monitoring system to register emergency events and instantly send a signal to our central monitoring station. We then quickly notify you and, if necessary, send the authorities to respond to the incident. Some of the benefits of managed monitoring are:

  • An added layer of protection to audible alarms
  • Round-the-clock response
  • Faster response by police or emergency services
  • Lower insurance costs

Alarm Monitoring Application

365Alarms provides you with a user-friendly and convenient app that lets you connect to your security solution, view events, and make configuration changes for ultimate alarm system monitoring. Besides letting you configure your alarm system exactly how you want it, you can rest easy knowing that any event will trigger an alert within the application and that you can arm the system remotely if you forgot to do so before leaving your premises. The benefits of our monitoring application include:

  • Simple and convenient configuration
  • 24/7 monitoring of the state of the security system
  • Comprehensive event information and logging
Home Alarm System Monitoring
Alarm Monitoring

The Best Alarm System Monitoring In Lake Charles

365Alarms provides homes and businesses in Lake Charles with the most sophisticated alarm systems available today. Our dedicated and highly motivated team of alarm technicians and security experts continue to provide state-of-the-art security solutions and monitoring, just as they have done for hundreds of satisfied customers for over two decades. Simply raising the alarm when there is a security breach is not enough – someone has to respond to it, and we are ready to provide rapid response to any unexpected event. Talk to us today about how to get 24/7 monitoring of your security solution.