Protect Your Business With the Latest Alarm Services From a Trusted Security Partner

  • Do you want to keep your assets safe and protected at all times?
  • Need ultra-modern security alarm systems to safeguard your business?
  • Looking for a commercial security alarm system with remote access capabilities?

Internal and external intruders can jeopardize your business’s security and keep you from attaining success. Advances in technology have made it possible for businesses to keep an eye on their enterprise’s safety and security. A reputable security company can help you install a customized security system that keeps you in the know, regardless of location.

365Alarms offers innovative security systems tailored to fit your specific business needs. Our experienced technicians can install an accurate alarm system for your business. With our commercial security alarm services in Lake Charles, you can worry less about your business’s security and focus on driving growth.

Corporate Security System In Lake Charles

Why Do You Need Commercial Security Alarm Services?

Besides protecting your office equipment and business assets, commercial security alarm services in Lake Charles offer much-needed peace of mind concerning your business’s safety. At 365Alarms, we understand the local commercial sector’s security needs and work efficiently to install personalized solutions for our clients. Our solutions help you prevent intrusions before they happen and help law enforcement to intercept perpetrators.

With our commercial security alarm services in Lake Charles, your business will have the resources needed to deter and detect crimes before they jeopardize your systems. Investing in a 365Alarms commercial alarm system offers your business the best:

  • Surveillance options to keep an eye on your business day or night
  • Wireless motion sensors that alert you in case of an intrusion
  • 24-hour monitoring from our central station
  • Glass-break detectors that send alarms when an intruder breaks your windows or glass doors
  • Versatile technology that keeps you updated about movements into and out of your business premises

Our Commercial Security Alarm Services?

At 365Alarms, we offer unmatched technical support and quality service to all our clients. We have the technical expertise to install a basic manual alarm or automatic alarm system customized to fit your business needs. Our commercial security alarm services include:

Intrusion Detection

Count on us to support you in the design, deployment, system service, and upgrade of robust intrusion detection solutions. Our solutions come with cloud capabilities to enable remote alarm management. We have the resources and experience to help you develop these systems on any scale. Our solutions:

  • Provide an appropriate response to alerts
  • Are cyber secure, protecting your business from potential cyber attacks
  • Are fully integrated, helping you leverage security analytics
Security Systems For Businesses in Lake Charles

Alarm Response

Using the latest wireless technology, 365Alarms ensures that help is never far away. In case an alarm goes off, our trained specialists can alert local authorities to dispatch response teams. The teams will verify if the alarm went off inadvertently or if an actual security breach occurred. Our alarm response service includes:

  • Video alarm verification
  • 24/7 control room monitoring
  • Mobile alerts for client notification of alarms

Access Control Systems

Our solutions let you proactively monitor and manage access to your business premises. We’ll help you control multiple points of entry and exit remotely. 365Alarms provides biometrics, hardware, barriers, and multi-site systems to keep your premises secured. Our solutions help you:

  • Control your access from a single interface
  • Solve your security needs with effective technology
  • Regulate access to specific areas or the entire facility

Secure Your Business Assets with Unmatched Security Solutions

Partner with 365Alarms for the best support, service, and prices. Count on our certified technicians to take care of your valuable assets as you work to grow your business. Contact us today for reliable commercial security alarm services in Lake Charles.