We Provide Quality Protection to Your Home and Family Even When You Are Away

  • Looking for a security system to protect your home while you are away for business?
  • Do you need to protect your home from intruder and burglar threats?
  • Do you want an advanced alarm system to provide your home with unique safety needs?

Busy families always move in and out of their homes for work or social trips. Security ensures you work or enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. If you are out for a long time, it will help to have a quality residential alarm system that you can rely on entirely for your home protection.

At 365Alarms, we provide you with powered protection that offers 24-hour surveillance to your home. We will secure your assets and property from intruders with our technologically advanced security system. With our affordable services, we offer various residential alarm services in Lake Charles that you need to keep your home safe.

Security Systems For Homes In Lake Charles

Why choose 365Alarms for Your Residential Alarm Services?

While at work or on trips, your home and family need proper security from all threats. At 365Alarms, we have a team of experts who design a highly robust technological security service to protect your home. We also offer you and your family members the necessary training to avoid false alarms and help you stay calm during an emergency. Our residential alarm service in Lake Charles includes constantly maintaining and upgrading services to ensure your alarm system works efficiently.

Relish the HD real-time video recordings of every event taking place in your home. You can leverage numerous benefits from our residential alarm systems in Lake Charles, such as:

  • Fire alarm systems that protect your home against damage by fire
  • Quality camera systems that capture your home in full HD
  • Affordable data cabling services for video, audio, and internet

Our Services

At 365Alarms, the security and safety of your home are our priorities. Our team of experts ensures you have the best service for your home surveillance and prevention against intruders, smoke, water, and emergencies resulting from panic attacks. Our services include:

Remote Surveillance System

We have created an integrated alarm system with quality cameras to capture your home. You can stream live HD recorded videos from our cameras to see if there is any threat. We also have detectors that will automatically alert you in case of any emergency. The alarm system allows for automatic communication to the relevant authorities. Other benefits include:

  • Access your home remotely with live camera feeds
  • Wirelessly lock and unlock your doors
  • Emergency alert systems useful for older people living alone in Lake Charles
Residential Alarm Systems

Reliable Detection Systems

Our residential alarm services in Lake Charles have detection devices to alert you in case of emergencies. Our system can monitor your heat signatures and send alerts when there is an abnormal spike in temperature. More threat detection includes:

  • Carbon (II) oxide detection to protect your family from the hazardous yet odorless gas
  • Monitor the levels of water in your home
  • Detect distress calls such as panic attacks for the elderly

Personalized Residential Alarm Services

365Alarms provides residential alarm services to all types of residences in Lake Charles. Our dedicated team of technicians will create a customized security system that satisfies your needs fully. We also provide constant services to upgrade and maintain your system. The solutions we provide include:

  • Unique security system to meet your individual needs
  • Fast detection of emergencies

Get the Best Residential Alarm Services in Lake Charles

At 365Alarms, we ensure your home’s safety always. We offer our services to all residences in Lake Charles. Let us protect your home and keep all your assets safe while you are away. Call us at 365Alarms to get your quote today.