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We provide affordable security fit for any budget or lifestyle.

  • Looking for a local security partner in SWLA?
  • Looking to secure your home or business from internal or external physical threats?
  • Do you want to deploy a customized security system suited to your unique needs?

Security offers peace of mind to many home and business owners. With backup protection in multiple locations, 365Alarms offers help when and where you need it. We monitor home and business security systems at our licensed monitoring station.

Our cost-effective protection solutions create a hub for smart automation, allowing you to connect all the systems in your home or business seamlessly.

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Smarter Local Home Security

Our 24/7 home security solutions provide much-needed peace of mind as you go about your business away from home. Count on us to protect your assets from damage or theft as we secure your home. We provide fast and reliable service that secures your property during a storm. Our solutions are ideal for parents who want to keep an eye on their children when they return from school.

Receive fire alerts in real-time from our fire alarm systems. Our carbon monoxide detection systems help you protect your loved ones from this harmful, odorless gas. We can help you eliminate the need for keys with our smart door locks; our systems let you control your locks wirelessly. If you have elderly loved ones living alone, then our emergency alert systems will prove worthwhile.

Reach out to us for:

  • Security alarm systems to keep intruders away.
  • Camera systems that let you watch everyone you left at home.
  • Remote access systems that allow you to control your lighting systems remotely while monitoring your live camera feeds.
  • Temperature monitoring systems to prevent food decay or flooding.

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We also specialize in:

Business and Commercial Security

Businesses without security systems are more susceptible to security threats than those with security systems. Partnering with a reputable alarm company in Lake Charles, Louisiana, can help you reduce the likelihood of a successful burglary attempt. Whether you run a retail business or an established commercial enterprise, 365Alarms can help you keep security threats at bay.

Secure your business with our cutting-edge security systems. 365Alarms offers the technical expertise needed to protect your business from threats that can bring you back to the drawing board. We specialize in security solutions that can protect your business from disaster or intruders. Our team is committed to offering unmatched customer service, consistent support, and hastened response time.

Our diverse commercial alarm systems and monitoring include:


    • Surveillance systems that monitor employee and visitor behavior within your premises.
    • Security alarm systems to flag any intrusions.

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Why Should You Choose

With our specialized security solutions, businesses and homeowners can gain peace of mind knowing their property is monitored 24/7. Our state-of-the-art security systems make us a leading alarm company in Lake Charles, Louisiana. We have invested heavily in security solutions, which allows us to monitor and secure your property. 365Alarms provides remote monitoring solutions that provide 24-hour protection and service.

When we receive a signal from your alarm system:

  • Our security agents will contact you and clear the alarm in case it was accidental.
  • If you are in an emergency, we’ll ask the local authorities to deal with the situation.
  • In case we can’t reach you, we’ll contact your emergency contacts and request the local authorities to visit your home or business.

Our expert team can walk you through our systems and processes to help you implement a customized solution. We offer open and honest communication and will get back to you promptly. 365Alarms provides dependable customer service with a wealth of knowledge in security matters. We also strive to build lasting client relationships as we resolve issues.

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Smarter Local Home Security

365Alarms is your one-stop shop for all your security needs. For more than 20 years, our expert team has helped remove security support problems from businesses and homeowners in South West Louisiana. Once we assess your existing security solutions, we’ll offer sound recommendations to beef up your networks and help you make rewarding security investments.

Our experienced team can implement robust smart security solutions that fit perfectly with existing systems. Need the best security services around SWLA and Lake Charles areas? Call 365Alarms for a quote today.

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