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Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat*

Customize your environment with an Alarm.com T3000 Thermostat.

This solution is fully compatible with any HVAC system, allowing you to set a specific temperature schedule or implement automation rules that change your thermostat for you. Smart capability means you can check and control your thermostat from anywhere on any device.

Garage Door Openers

Fully compatible with any garage door system, this smart garage door opener lets you open your garage door from anywhere on any device. Whether you’re opening it as you pull into your driveway or need to let a neighbor in, you can easily do so from your phone.

Garage Door Openers
Connected Car

Connected Car

Track and optimize your car’s performance and conventional maintenance tasks by connecting your phone to your car using an Alarm.com Connected Car device. By integrating with your vehicle’s OBD-Il port, this device will track vehicle statistics, fuel, speed, GPS location, and more.

With this solution in place, you can make sure you have enough gas for that next long-haul trip, keep an eye on how safely your child is driving their new car, and make automobile ownership that much more efficient and convenient.

Medical Pendants

Closely monitor and care for yourself and loved ones with smart medical pendants. This technology can automatically detect falls and call for help, as well as be manually activated by the wearer with the panic button.

Medical Pendants

Additional Automated Technologies

Door Locks

Door Locks*

Z-Wave door locks from Yale, Schlage, or Kwikset
Lights Switches Outlets

Lights, Switches, Outlets*

Deako, Qolsys IQ, Hank, Zipato, Jasco, Inovelli, Eaton, GoControl, Leviton, and Linear Z-Wave products
Shades, Irrigation, Water Valves & Solar Panels

Shades, Irrigation, Water Valves & Solar Panels*

Lutron, Qolsys, Leviton, or Enphase Z-Wave products

*Installation not included.

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